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Liam O’Brien was born in Mt Merrion in Dublin, Ireland in 1962. At the age of 21, he traveled to London, where he spent the next two years. He arrived in New Orleans’ French Quarter in 1985, and began working with John McDonald, learning the craft of refinishing antique furniture. After six months of instruction with McDonald, O’Brien struck out on his own. He taught himself how to repair furniture as well as refinish it, and supplemented his income by renovating houses.

By 1994, O’Brien had begun designing his own furniture. He used the skills he had learned over the years in the French Quarter to bring his designs to fruition, creating unique pieces of furniture which immediately became understood as works of art. He formed his own company, Liam O’Brien Designs, during this period of time. In 1996, he partnered with Becky Gottsegen of Kelley and Gottsegen, and moved his studio space to the Warehouse District. Their collaborative efforts resulted in the creation of fine furniture which was soon being shipped to galleries in California and Mexico. This partnership continued until 2000, when O’Brien again struck out on his own again.

Primarily inspired by the Book of Kells, O’Brien’s designs echo the fluid forms and graceful lines of the images contained in this 1200 year old manuscript. Serving to maintain a connection with the land of his birth, his designs have also brought him to the cutting edge of fine furniture design in the United States. In 1997, O’Brien was presented with a coveted Alpha Award for one of his pieces. He won a second place Alpha Award in 2001, and another first place Alpha in new furniture design in 2004.



Staff Bio’s


Global Executive Committee



Mr Liam O’Brien (CEO)


Ph: 504 616 6584 ext (9001)

Cell: 504 616 6584

Email: liam@lobdllc.com


Mr Conor O’Sullivan (Managing Director)


Conor joined the team in 2001 on a part time basis; he has invaluable experience as an entrepreneur and has sat on several boards of managements as CEO of COS Group Ltd and Chairman of RCE Ireland. He is currently the Managing Director of Liam O’Brien Designs and its subsidiaries. He has an honours degree in Business & Marketing from ITT Dublin while he is hoping to complete his MSC in Advertising in 2012. Not only does he assist the CEO in all ways possible, he currently is a shareholder with a 49% stake in the company and all its subsidiaries including O’Brien Bros LLC and LOB General Contractor LLC. He is also Head of IT within the company having completed numerous IT courses in Ireland. He can be contacted at 504 657 3639 (ext 9002) or alternatively conor@lobdllc.com.




Ms Kay Hood (Head of HR, New Orleans)


Kay joined the team in early 2008 as a Senior Administrative assistant and a Head of HR – New Orleans Branch. Since she has started there has been nothing but smooth sailing and she is an invaluable resource to the team at LOBD. She has various experiences dealing with day to day problems and scheduling a whole month. She has worked for many MNC’s including OPG and several others. Kay can be contacted at 504 488 0248 (ext 9003) or alternatively kay@lobdllc.com.






Mr Jeffery Bowers (Associate Director of Construction)


Jeff joined in mid 2007 as a contracted “General Contractor”, since then, he has become full time employee of LOBD and has been such an asset. He currently holds the position of “Senior Manager – Construction” at LOBD. He is one of the main driving forces behind the construction subsidiary.

He can be contacted at 504 488 0248 (ext 9004) or alternatively jeff@lobdllc.com.



Mr Colm Fortune ( General Laborer)


Colm is the newest member of the LOBD team starting in June 2008. He is joining as a Carpenter’s assistant and general laborer. (More info to follow)





Liam O Brien General Contractors LLC only uses trusted Sub contractors. We have access to over 60 trusted sub contractors on which we use on a regular basis. Our insurance also covers our sub contractors.
























Liam O’Brien Designs Is Situated In New Orleans, Louisiana.